Key Benefits

Travel Visa Free to Over 148 Countries (EU, UK, HK etc)

0% Personal Tax rate

Confidential and Anonymous Process

Many different routes to Citizenship

Free Movement in the Caribbean CARICOM countries

Democratic Government offering political stability

No Residency

Lifetime Citizenship

Saint Lucia Citizenship By Investment Program

St Lucia Citizenship program provides a gateway to gain a second passport in this Eastern Caribbean region that forms part of an archipelago of island states. Spread across 238 square mile area (616 square km), Saint Lucia’s capital city is Castries. A country characterized by a rich English and French heritage, Saint Lucia citizenship by investment is much sought by investors worldwide. With multiple investment varieties and simple criteria, St Lucia extends highly valuable citizenship opportunities with improved benefits. Owning Saint Lucia second passport can make you eligible to travel without a visa to over 145 countries globally, that includes popular locations such as Hong Kong and the UK.

St. Lucia has an intriguing landscape ranging from high mountains to beautiful white sandy beaches interspersed with clear rivers and lush, untouched rainforests. With a tropical climate and impeccable scenic natural beauty, it has been recognized as a honeymoon or wedding destination that has eight times been awarded the designation of the world’s leading honeymoon destination by the World Travel Awards. It is home to the Pitons that are twin volcanic peaks known as Gros Piton and Petit Piton. The United Nations Educational and Scientific Organization has designated the Pitons a World Heritage Site.

Participating in the St Lucia dual citizenship program will help for easy business expansion with higher tax relief. It will also help secure your dependents’ lives in this Country that has hospitable and welcoming people.


About the Saint Lucia Citizenship Program

St Lucia citizenship program was launched in October 2015. The program has been devised with legal foundations of the Constitution of Saint Lucia, the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Act, No. 14 of 2015 and supporting Regulations. St Lucia dual citizenship primarily aims to encourage direct foreign investment.

St. Lucia offers the newest Citizenship by Investment Program in the Caribbean and targets high net worth individuals and their families. Eligible Investors are given the opportunity to get a Saint Lucia second passport for themselves and their dependents to become citizens of this Country in accordance with legal requirements. Dependents include spouses, children up to the age of 30 years and parents and grandparents over 55 years of age.


Benefits of Saint Lucia Citizenship Program
  • Lifetime St Lucia citizenship that can be passed on to future generations

  • Quick and Confidential Processing of Applications

  • No Residency Requirement before or after the grant of Saint Lucia second passport

  • Full Residence Status including the right to live and work in St. Lucia

  • Visa-Free Travel to over 145 countries, including the United Kingdom, European Union Schengen and Caribbean countries, Hong Kong, Singapore and many others worldwide

  • St Lucia Dual Citizenship is permitted, so applicants are not required to renounce their existing citizenship

  • Democratic Government offering stability

  • Right to Live and Work in many other Caribbean countries

  • No Taxation in respect of capital gains, inheritances or offshore companies

  • Excellent Airlift to and from all major countries worldwide

  • Comfortable Tropical Climate

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Citizenship Program Application Process

Citizenship and Corporate Services (CCS) ensures professional services to all our clients. We are fully approved by the Government as Representatives and Service Providers of the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program. Our expert team are highly experienced in processing Saint Lucia second passport for varied clients. We are specialized in handling St Lucia dual citizenship applications with high confidentiality and attention to detail. By successfully serving numerous clients, we are a reliable service provider.

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3 - 4 weeks
  • Initial Consultation with CCS Immigration Advisers
  • Prepare documents
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Processing Time
8 - 12 weeks
  • Submit application
  • CIU processing of the application
  • Receive approval
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Post Approval Procedure
1 - 2 weeks
  • Complete investment
1 week
  • Submit Oath of Allegiance and NIC Application
3 - 6 weeks
  • Certificate of Registration and Passport Issuance
  • Acquire a St Lucia passport in 3-4 months
2024: St. Lucia Citizenship Guide
  • Introduction to the Island
  • Explore the Island Map
  • Country Information
  • Citizenship Program
  • Key Benefits
  • Investment options & Fees
  • Depends and Eligibility
  • Streamlined and Interactive Process (SIP)
  • Visa-free Countries
  • Customer Reviews
Frequently Asked Questions

The main applicant’s spouse, children under 30, parents and grandparents over 55 and siblings under 18 are eligible dependents under the St.Lucia citizenship by Investment programme

The St.Lucia passport is valid for 5 years.

The St.Lucia passport can be obtained remotely and there is no physical residency requirement to maintain citizenship.

The main applicant will be required to attend an interview, either remotely or in person.

After the 5 year maturation period, the main applicant, or their authorised representative, presents their original bond certificate to the Accountant General in St. Lucia. The bond funds will then be deposited into the designated account of the investing citizen.

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