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Residency by investment allows affluent individuals to relocate while also granting them the ability to live, work, study, and receive comprehensive healthcare in their new country. Simply put, it is a visa status that permits the applicant to remain in the host nation without being a citizen and without the added benefits accorded to citizens such as the right to vote. Holding more than three decades of experience in the immigration industry, we at CCS offer permanent residency by investment in some of the world’s leading destinations in terms of standard of living, business environment and the possibility of acquiring citizenship.

Cost Effective
Best value for family
Visa-free travel
Golden Visa

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  • Processing Time: 6 - 12 Months
  • Minimum Contribution: €280,000
  • Free Travel: 189 Countries and Territories
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  • Processing Time: 2–3 Months
  • Minimum Contribution: €300,000
  • Free Travel: Bulgaria, Romania, Unrestricted right to live and work in Cyprus
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  • Processing Time: 30 to 50 Days
  • Minimum Contribution: €250,000
  • Free Travel: 26 Countries and Territories
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As experts, we take pride in our clients who rely on our expertise and experience in this area. Our highly qualified professionals work together as a team and offer a dedicated customer-focused approach to meet your specific requirements. For further details on our residency and citizenship by investment programs, send us an enquiry, and we’ll be in touch!



Passport Ranking 4 12 5
Processing Time 12-18 Months 2–3 Months 3-4 Months
Minimum Contribution €280,000 €300,000 €250,000
Free Travel 25 countries Bulgaria, Romania, Live and study in Cyprus Europe’s Schengen Area
Residency for Citizenship 5 years 5 years 7 years
Dual Citizenship Yes Yes Yes
Exams required yes no yes
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Residency Program Application Process

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3 - 4 weeks
  • Initial consultation with CCS immigration advisers
  • Prepare documents
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Processing time
12 - 16 weeks
  • Submit application
  • Undergo background check
  • Receive approval
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Post approval Procedure
4 - 6 weeks
  • Complete investment
  • Await approval
  • Acquire a residency in 3+ months
Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility requirements vary by programme. Investors are typically required to be at least 18 years of age, have a clean criminal record, legal source of funds and minimum of $100,000USD to invest.

Citizenship and Corporate services has an exemplary approval rate and takes all precautious to guarantee the success of an application, from preliminary screening, suggestions of alternatives based on client limitations and explanation of any risks involved. However, it is not possible for any firm or authorised agent to guarantee the success of an application as the final decision is that of the government and their individual investment unit.

The CBI government bodies recognise a spouse as an individual of opposite sex to the main applicant or principal investor; a couple must be married. Common law partners and same-sex couples are not yet recognised and may apply separately or be sponsored in a separate application in relevant jurisdictions.

Eligible dependents vary by programme but can include the children, spouse, parents, grandparents, and siblings of both the main applicant and spouse.

Each programme has different documentation requirements. Copies or originals of birth certificates, police records, photo ID, proof of address and reference letters are some documents that will be included in the application alongside mandatory government forms prepared by Citizenship and Corporate Services.

All Caribbean Citizenship by Investment territories recognise dual citizenship, and as such, have no requirement for the investor to renounce their citizenship by birth to obtain dual citizenship.

The due diligence process verifies the applicant’s document profile and evidence provided against regional and international databases. Citizenship by Investment Units work alongside dedicated due diligence firms to screen clients against sanctions lists, anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism registers, and confirm the declared financial records and personal accounts.

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