Key Benefits

Travel Visa Free to Over 94 Countries (HK)

0% Personal Tax rate

Confidential and Anonymous Process

Many different routes to Citizenship

Free Movement in the Caribbean CARICOM countries

Democratic Government offering political stability

No Residency

Lifetime Citizenship

Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment Program

Vanuatu represents most people’s idea of paradise. Comprising a chain of 83 islands located in the South Pacific Ocean between Australia and New Zealand, the country is a former joint protectorate of Britain and France and became an independent republic in 1980. The country is self-sufficient and produces its own food, most of which is organically cultivated. Vanuatu operates as a free market economy and imposes no personal income taxes. The history of this archipelago as an independent state is yet to be written. Still, its people are working towards building an environment based on equality, hospitality, and business opportunities to attract ambitious investors with low taxation programs and a leading Vanuatu citizenship by investment program.

Overall the island chain is still underdeveloped; however, upmarket tourism is rapidly expanding. The main draw for tourists to the country is the unique flora and fauna as well as geological features such as one of the most easily accessible active volcanoes in the world! The capital city located on the island of Efate is called Port Vila and hosts a relatively small population of approximately 45,000 persons out of the country’s total population of 292,000 people.

Vanuatu holds diverse cultural and art festivals, musical and sporting events, conferences, and corporate events each year. Local traditions are still alive and well today, and they can be seen and felt all around the country. The country’s official languages are Bislama, French, and English, while it is estimated that over 100 languages are spoken locally. To apply for the Vanuatu citizenship program, get in touch with our experts today, and we’ll be more than glad to get you started with the requirements.


About the Vanuatu Second Passport Program

The Federation of St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Program was founded in 1984 and are the world’s oldest program. It is globally recognized and respected and has its legal foundations in the Constitution of the Country, Saint Christopher and Nevis Citizenship Act, No. 1 of 1984 and supporting Regulations. Through St Kitts and Nevis dual citizenship program, the government focuses on enabling fluent direct foreign investment into real estate endeavours and funds for national growth.

Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment program offer lifetime opportunity to the investors as well as their dependent members, according to the Federation’s legal structure. Investors’ dependents comprise grandparents or parents above 55 years of age, their spouses and children of maximum of 30 years of age


Benefits of Vanuatu Citizenship Program
  • Quick process with 45-60 days to full citizenship in Vanuatu

  • Complete residence status with the right to reside and work

  • Travel visa-free to 100+ countries including the UK and other developed countries

  • Dual citizenship is allowed; thus, applicants do not have to give up their current citizenship

  • Pleasant tropical climate

  • Conducive Investment Environment with good returns on real estate environment

  • No taxation on wealth, capital gains, gifts, and inheritances

  • Asset Management and Protection through special purpose vehicles such as offshore companies

  • Democratic Government offering political stability

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Citizenship Program Application Process

At Citizenship and Corporate Services (CCS) you are in capable hands. We are an authorized agent for the citizenship by investment program by the Government of Vanuatu as Representatives and Service Providers. Backed by an experienced team of professionals, we are intimately knowledgeable about the Citizenship by Investment program in Vanuatu. Clients are afforded personalized and confidential service through our team of citizenship specialists. We are industry leaders who have been tested and proven by our clients.

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1 - 2 weeks
  • Initial Consultation with CCS Immigration Advisers
  • Preparing documents for Stage 1 - FIU Check
FIU Check
1 week
  • Submit documents for Financial Intelligence Unit Approval
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Citizenship Committee Review
2 - 3 weeks
  • 25% Pre-payment and Application Submission
  • Preparation and Committee Review of Stage -2 documents
  • Receive your approval
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Post Approval Procedure
4 weeks
  • Payment of 75% Investment amount
  • Oath Swearing Ceremony
  • Certificate of Registration and Passport Issuance
  • Acquire a Vanuatu passport in 2+ months
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Frequently Asked Questions

The main applicant’s spouse, children under 30, parents and grandparents over 55 and siblings under 18 are eligible dependents under the St.Lucia citizenship by Investment programme

The St.Lucia passport is valid for 5 years.

The St.Lucia passport can be obtained remotely and there is no physical residency requirement to maintain citizenship.

The main applicant will be required to attend an interview, either remotely or in person.

After the 5 year maturation period, the main applicant, or their authorised representative, presents their original bond certificate to the Accountant General in St. Lucia. The bond funds will then be deposited into the designated account of the investing citizen.

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